The brand. The mission. The vision.

(Ma-dam Pa-trone); (Boss Woman). Est. 2021. Founder/Designer: Sairah Masud

What does it mean to be a successful woman in today’s world?

I must say, I’ve struggled with this concept on more occasions than I would like to admit throughout my life.

But as I’ve tried to carve my perfect place in this world, I’ve come to realise that success is, quite simply, whatever you want it to mean.

Whether it is developing the confidence to pursue your dreams without compromise, defying the odds to blaze your own trail, or disrupting the status quo to live a life that is unapologetically true to you, the key is to never falter in crafting your own narrative of success. That’s exactly what I did.

Madame Patrôn was created from a single vision: To be my own boss and empower other women to be who they want to be, all while looking and feeling their best.

Because a woman who dresses well deserves it all.

In a world filled with endless opinions of a woman’s place, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay true to who we are.

So, let these exquisite pieces speak your truth, and allow you to make the most powerful statement, without uttering a single word.

When you wear a Madame Patrôn piece, you awaken the Alpha energy within you. Each élite item makes your presence known in a room full of people, introducing you before you even speak.

You exude sophistication, empowerment, and class; all while keeping an air of mystery about you – it’s the stuff alpha females are made of. 


Whatever the affair, I aspire to inspire ‘big boss energy’ in the woman of today through deluxe statement pieces that are in a league of their own, just as she is.

Sairah x